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What people are saying about
Linda Saslove’s Everything

“Wonderful production, musicians and of course you and your songs. Sometimes filled me with emotions of longing and missing someone and times past. Thank you for the gift of your music.”
– Ken Tobias (Singer/Songwriter/Painter)

“Amazing new CD by Linda Saslove – Great production by Bill Bell and an all-star cast of musicians – fantastic artwork by Mr. Michael Robert Wrycraft – these folks really brought Linda’s songs to life – from the first song “My True Love” to “The Last Goodbye” and “Everything”, Linda’s magical voice will delight your ears and touch your heart – I heartily recommend this CD – it will stay with you for days!”
– Glen Hornblast (Singer/Songwriter)

“While listening to Linda Saslove, I am harkened back to the voices of Judy and Joni. Like these artists, Linda’s voice can also softly slice through and melt your heart. The lyrics touch your emotions as they circle through a beautiful web of woven silk melodies.”
– Jim Marino (Freewheeling Folk Show, 93.3 CFMU, Hamilton ON)

“Such a great time and wonderful music was made.”
– Bill Bell (Producer/Guitarist)

“Linda has been around the Toronto Folk scene for years, playing her sweet, original songs, about love and love lost. This debut album will delight her fans and anyone else who listens to ‘Everything’.”
– Michael Wrycraft (A Man called Wrycraft)

“The most incredible CD, You MUST get a copy of this superb album, filled with perfect and classic ballads, all penned by Linda. Bravo!!!”
– Kat Goldman (Singer/Songwriter)

“Yes, ma’am – just finished listening in the car. I think that she did a great job. Her voice sounds so good- Great mix- and super mastering!”
– Allan Soberman (Musician)

“OMG, this album is so great!”
– Joao Carvalho (Mastering Engineer)

“Extraordinary voice! Superb writing! Can’t get enough of ‘Everything’.”
– Harpin Norm Lucien (Singer/Songwriter)

“Great CD Linda!!!!!!”
– Mike McKenna (Luke and the Apostles, Mainline)

“Listened to your Album this morning .. seriously the finest work I have heard in many years … congratulations and thank you …”
– RD Ricketts

“You have a most endearing quality in the sound and style of your voice and the emotion you convey. And the melodies were so good. Well done Linda Saslove.”
– Lisa Garber (Singer/Songwriter)

“This is such a beautiful CD. So heartfelt, there are songs that bring tears to my eyes every time I hear them.”
– Arlo Burgon (Host of B’Arlopalooza)

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